Hannah Cloepfil is a Cultural Producer & Event Designer whose natural gift for bringing people together translates into the creation of one of-a-kind collective experiences.  

Since moving to Brooklyn in 2008, she has worked with an extensive network of artists, designers, producers, engineers and urbanists, consistently exploring new modes of engagement. Hannah and her team have been responsible for the creation & execution of programming & events for a wide range of clients including cultural institutions, non-profits, brands, real-estate developers, universities, and civic entities. Over the past few years, they have facilitated major public events, brand activations, launches, conferences, international biennials, galas & fundraisers, cultural programming, art installations & exhibitions, performances, festivals, private dinners and other multifaceted endeavors that act as incubators and unite varied communities.

As a consultant, Hannah can advise from conception to execution or come in to carry out a well-oiled machine. She is known to wear many hats and is skilled at negotiating diverse audiences, locations, resources, and partners.  As a consultant she can advise on how best to utilize a space, expand an audience, or engage a specific community. As a designer she works with careful consideration of site and season, highlighting the naturally occurring beauty.